What Is Builder's Mold?

What Is Builder's Mold?


How you can expertly navigate builder's mold in real estate deals.

What is builder's mold? Today I’ll shed light on the intricacies of builder's mold, the factors that contribute to its formation, and how it can be addressed and resolved.

Builder’s mold occurs when a builder uses untreated trusses or beams, such as Douglas fir, often found in attics. One of the houses we were selling for 3.1 million in Oak Brook faced this issue. During the inspection, the buyer reported black mold. However, a closer examination by a mold specialist revealed it was actually builder's mold. The Douglas fir beams used in the attic were untreated, leading to mold growth due to insufficient ventilation and excessive heat, reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit on an 85-degree day.

Fortunately, remediation was possible. A specialized company cleaned and treated the affected areas, eliminating the mold. As a precaution, the owners were advised to sleep in the basement temporarily and refrain from using the air conditioning to prevent the spread of any remaining spores through the ductwork. Ultimately, the issue was resolved, backed by a ten-year warranty against further mold growth.

For homeowners preparing to sell, addressing mold problems before listing can prevent potential buyers from being scared off unnecessarily. Likewise, as a buyer, it's important not to be overly alarmed by builder's mold. Getting a professional assessment can provide clarity and solutions, allowing for informed decisions in real estate transactions.

If you have any questions about this type of mold or need help with your real estate goals, call or email me. I’m always happy to help. 

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