Three benefits to owning a home in a land trust and how it protects you.

Have you ever considered putting your property in a Land Trust to help protect your privacy? What about buying a new home and closing on it with a Land Trust? Many people are not familiar with Land Trusts, but there are a few distinct benefits to utilizing Land Trusts, so I’m here today to share three key benefits: 

  • Internet privacy. People can normally Google someone and find their home address easily, but that’s not true with a land trust. 
  • Estate planning. If something happens to you or your family, you can better protect yourself and your assets. A land trust can also prevent your property from going into probate. 
  • Liability protection. If you’re in an accident and someone decides to sue you, but you have a land trust, that person can’t see your assets and decide to get greedy. If you are held liable for something, you don’t want the other party to know the assets you own. 

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