Sell With Ease: Mastering the Art of Organized Packing

Sell With Ease: Mastering the Art of Organized Packing

This strategy will help you easily pack and organize your things. 


Are you thinking of selling your home and need to organize your belongings? If so, I’m sharing five essential tips to help you streamline the process. I recently learned about this approach from a client, and his strategy involved using a color-coded system with five different stickers on various boxes. Here's what each color meant for his  sorting process:

  • Red: Items to be taken to their next residence.
  • Blue: Designated for their lake house.
  • Orange: Undecided.
  • Yellow: Items to be given to another family.
  • Green: Items to be sold at the garage sale or estate sale.

This internal coding system helped them stay organized throughout the process. If you're considering a garage sale or donation, or are uncertain about the fate of certain items, I recommend adopting a similar color-coding approach.

The images at 0:19 are a snapshot of their system, displayed on the refrigerator and throughout their home. If you find this information helpful or have questions, feel free to call or email me. Whether you're buying or selling a home or simply curious about its current value, I'm here to provide more tips and assistance.

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