Secrets to a Flawless Property Handover: Your Final Walkthrough Checklist

Secrets to a Flawless Property Handover: Your Final Walkthrough Checklist

Essential tips for the final walkthrough in real estate transactions.


What is the purpose of and what happens during the final walk-through? This phase of the real estate transaction involves specific expectations and responsibilities for both buyers and sellers. Today I’ll share what is expected from both parties during this critical phase.

We recently sold an impressive property in Oak Brook for $3.1 million, which you can see at 0:19 in the video. It’s one of the only twelve sales in the area that’s over $3 million in the past decade, and we've represented two of them in the summer of 2023. Before the closing of this home, we reminded the seller of their responsibilities. The home should be in “broom swept condition” for the final walk through—cleaned, dust-free, and without any personal items left behind, including nothing in the refrigerator. Cupboards and surfaces should be wiped down, and any nail holes or blemishes should be addressed. 

"Have the movers clear out the house the night before the walk-through and move the remaining items to the garage." 


However, during the sale of the Oak Brook home, the movers didn’t come until the night before and the morning of the walk-through, which was not an ideal case. It’s always best to have the movers clear out the house the night before and move the remaining items to the garage. Cleaners should ideally start their work before the final walkthrough, ensuring an empty house for a thorough cleaning the night before or the morning of the closing.

As for the buyer, they are only expected to ensure that no damage has occurred and that agreed-upon fixtures and personal property remain in place. The goal is to verify that the house is in the expected condition, with all belongings intact.

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