Invest in Your Kitchen

Invest in Your Kitchen

  • Michael LaFido
  • 10/1/21
Here’s why the kitchen, the heart of the home, is key to selling a house.

The heart of every home is the kitchen, and if you are going to try and sell your home you need to be aware of your home's strengths and weaknesses for resale.  The kitchen will get your best return on investment if you are looking to make some slight or major improvement in order to sell your home faster and at a higher price.


I’m about to put a $3 million home on the market that has an original kitchen. The seller interviewed one of the top stagers in the whole Midwest, and she suggested an $8,000 investment to spray and paint the cabinets.  I thought it was a great investment! The home is in a high price point in the Naperville market, which doesn't have many high-price listings. It’s considered a buyer’s market above $3 million, so you have to do the things your competition isn’t. In a buyer's market, sellers have to be more flexible and be willing to invest in some home improvements and cosmetic changes. In a seller's market, sellers might be able to get away with not investing as much into their home to sell it


The heart of every home is the kitchen, and my job is to highlight the home’s strengths. There’s a lot you can do to update the kitchen a little bit, such as having the base of the island painted or changing out the island's countertops. These simple improvements can make your home stand out on the market.


That’s just one example of how you can make a home shine. If you have any real estate-related questions, or if you’re thinking about buying, selling, or renting, give us a call. We are connected globally and can give you solid information.


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